• WhatsApp consultation is free; feel free to enquire about your IT issues.
  • SGD$50/hour for on-site services; minimum of 2 hours, counted at 15-minute increments.
  • SGD$40/hour for remote repair services; time spent on automated processes will not be charged.
  • SGD$20/hour for standby duty; where I can be allowed to study when not doing work.

  • Remote services require Rustdesk or Zoom (with Remote Control functionality enabled) installed.
  • Standby duty requires a minimum of 2 days’ early notification; otherwise higher rates will apply.

Eric aims to empower clients to do simple tasks and preventive maintenance by themselves. Eric only wants to earn money for work that truly adds value to clients. With permission, Eric will implement preventive measures and teach how to avoid IT problems in the future.

After Eric taught himself how to fix his personal computer problems in 1997 while studying in school, he began offering to fix computer problems for others. At work, Eric was the person that all his colleagues approached for support. He has successfully fixed technical problems that other technicians have given up on.

With his long work experience, Eric has acquired multiple skills and can now offer a wide array of services essential for small businesses and individuals to function in today’s IT-centric society. Eric is currently providing digital business and technical support to organisations and individuals.