Initially fast computers and laptops lagging and becoming slow can be due to multiple causes, such as:

  • Bloatware (i.e. useless software pre-installed on the computer or installed along with other software)
  • Malware / Trojan / Viruses
  • Data corruption
  • Disk fragmentation (for traditional hard drives)
  • Driver conflicts or outdated drivers
  • Imminent disk failure (i.e. error reading data from hard drive)

Eric can perform the following:

  • Find the root cause of the slowdown and fix it*
  • Do a thorough cleanup to eliminate unwanted software
  • Do a checkup of the computer and undertake preventive maintenance
  • Optimise the computer’s performance by adjusting the systems to the best settings

*Note: may require the purchase of new replacement hardware if the problem is due to hardware issues