Eric has experience providing home and office networking IT support, such as:

  • Troubleshooting Internet Connection Errors
  • Troubleshooting Unreliable/Weak Wifi
  • Setting up printers, scanners, NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices
  • Troubleshooting why network devices are not working
  • Setting up wireless repeaters and access points
  • Configuring firewall and security permissions
  • Ensuring the network devices have the latest updates installed


If the client is willing to invest in new hardware, Eric is also able to:

  • Find and fix wifi blind spots in your home, office or centre
  • Boost wifi range to cover long distances in open spaces
  • Boost wifi reliability even in a very noisy and crowded area
  • Boost wifi performance by choosing optimal network layouts
  • Reduce wifi emissions (for those who want to avoid wifi exposure)