If your old computer is slow or running out of space, do consider upgrading to a fast high-capacity SSD hard drive. Eric has two specialised pieces of hardware to facilitate the fast transfer of data from old hard drives to new replacements. Do inform Eric of the model number of your laptop to see if it is possible to upgrade to SSD.

Do note that if your computer’s hardware warranty has not expired, opening up the computer to change the hard drive will void the warranty.


Eric worked with clients whose hard drive failed but were caught without a backup of their data. Some useful tips for data recovery:

If you have a dead portable hard disk, you can replace the old hard drive enclosure with a new cheap one (less than $20). That often solves the problem.

If you are hearing intermittent clicks from your hard drive, then your hard disk is about to fail. You should back up your data immediately, stop using the disk and replace it. Data from a hard drive that has failed this way requires specialised equipment which Eric does not have; the data recovery fees will be very expensive.

If your hard drive is not clicking but has become unreadable such as due to being shut down improperly, it may still be possible to recover data.