Protecting our data infrastructure is essential, however most people invest little thought and resources to do so. Eric can provide solutions to prevent data loss:

  • Upgrading your desktop computer hard drive to enterprise-grade drives used in data centres
  • Setting up enterprise-grade hard drive RAID arrays to ensure that your computer will keep working even if one hard drive fails (only for certain desktops supporting this functionality)
  • Setting up NAS (Network Attached Storage) to automatically back up Windows or Mac OS over the network
  • Setting up cloud backups to avoid data loss of essential documents
  • Creating a system of backing up data on portable drives and then storing these in fire-proof cases
  • Creating a system of verifying files using MD5 checksums to detect data corruption
  • Install quality surge suppressors to protect essential equipment from electrical damage
  • Installing security protection (e.g. antivirus, firewalls) to avoid attacks by hackers