Eric has experience running virtual assessments centres, online webinars and training classes using Zoom. Eric can:

  • Configure your computer and equipment to run online events smoothly and optimally
  • Do tutorials and test runs to ensure that the event runs smoothly
  • Provide technical and administrative support for the online event including operating polls
  • Providing security support and monitoring to ensure that the webinar runs smoothly
  • Assist attendees to troubleshoot for any connection/audio/video problem
  • Provide proofreading and editing support for videos, PowerPoint files and other materials to be used for the presentation

To ensure high stability and redundancy:

  • Eric connects all computers by Gigabit Ethernet Cables to the router; this avoids instability caused by Wifi interference
  • Eric operates a backup computer that can quickly take over in case of any computer crashes
  • Eric operates an additional computer if the event is broadcasted live to monitor the video feed as viewed by the public
  • Eric pays extra for a super high speed broadband plan