1) Remote computer access is strongly preferred to on-site servicing whenever possible: the time spent waiting for automated tasks to complete will be waived.

2) It is best for the client to be available while the computer troubleshooting work is ongoing so that they can enter login passwords or assist with troubleshooting steps.

3) Whenever possible, laptops should be plugged into their chargers to avoid running low on power, which may lead to severe data corruption if a critical maintenance operation is in progress.

4) Regular clients on a budget can be supplied with publicly available tutorials to complete their requested technical tasks at no charge on a goodwill basis, to be performed at their own risk.

5) Some of the solutions will require the purchase of hardware. The service charges do not include the cost of purchasing the hardware or the travelling time needed to purchase these.

6) As data recovery of hard drives may take many days and end up with unpredictable results, a flat fee will be charged instead of by the actual time taken if the attempt is successful.

7) Payment is expected to be made once services are rendered, in cash, Singapore PayNow or Hong Kong FPS. Clients overseas can pay by PayPal, subject to an additional 5% fee.